Umudugudu Hotel - Africa's first social hotel project.


After 10 years of charitable und humanitarian architecture (schools, kindergarten, training centers, health stations, a “church-mosque”, refugees shelters, low cost housing and much more…) we want our work to proceed from the dependency of western donations towards partnerships with communities that are capable to finance, design and build their own infrastructure.

Development aid

After slavery, the age of colonization and post-colonial neo-imperialism as the major objective for modern development aid, many regions of Africa are still caught in economic and political stagnation. Even those few African countries in which wealth and societies are prospering are widely stigmatized with stereotype prejudices that are disabling international trade and traffic. “Dead Aid” does not either seem to stop children from starving nor does it seem to stop politicians from being corrupt and violent. We need a development revolution towards proud and healthy African partners, understanding, valuing and managing their own cultural and natural resources.

Social Entrepreneurship

Changing our way of working in Africa literally means: we will no longer donate “fruits” anymore. Together with local people we want to plant “trees” (that serves with an unlimited amount of “fruits” later as long as you invest some care and patience).

In other words: We would like to help local communities with starting up their own businesses – enterprises that allow them to become independent from foreign aid. Income that enables people to invest in their own infrastructure and development.

But what would be a good business to start with?


What is the biggest business in the world? Yes, of course: its tourism! Like in many places around the world, no other people are bringing as much foreign money to Africa as tourists.

But Tourism is not only promising in economic perspectives: Travelling remains the best way of broadening people’s minds with mutual respect and understanding. Travelling helps to overcome prejudices and it forms visitors to ambassadors of the visited country. Tourism again embraces beauty like warm hospitalisation and unforgettable accommodations.